February 28

RC12 AI Boats Custom-Built RIB – American Craftsmanship on Water


AI Boats custom-built inflatable boat from St. Petersburg, Florida. This 100% American-made vessel displayed at Miami boat show, exuding quality and craftsmanship. The boat’s exterior is adorned with the bold statement “100% MADE IN THE USA,” reflecting its domestic origin and superior build quality.

The inflatable boat boasts a sleek yet sturdy design, with its beige body offering both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits. It features multiple air chambers for enhanced safety and buoyancy, ensuring that the vessel remains afloat in various water conditions.

A powerful outboard motor is mounted at the stern, promising efficient propulsion and maneuverability on water. The motor’s compact design ensures it does not compromise the boat’s lightweight characteristics while offering ample power for diverse boating activities.

The interior of the inflatable boat is thoughtfully designed to maximize space and comfort. It features ergonomic seating arrangements that promise comfort during long journeys on water. Every detail of this vessel underscores a blend of style, functionality, and durability – hallmarks of AI Boats’ craftsmanship.

This inflatable boat is not just a means of transportation but an embodiment of quality, performance, and American craftsmanship – making it an excellent choice for enthusiasts looking for reliability and style in their aquatic adventures.


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