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Rigid Inflatable Boat care

Particularly in the hot Florida sun, your RIB or other inflatable takes a merciless beating winter or summer unless you’re able to keep it inside in the cool shade of an air conditioned garage - yeah, right! Most RIBs we know hang on their own davits or reside in a cradle on deck most of the time, just being there until they’re slipped into the water and used for a few hours at a time. A full cover is a step in the right direction toward protecting your RIB. Custom chaps are also well worth the investment. The bottom line is that your RIB or other inflatable can give you good service for a lot of years provided you take the time to give it a fighting chance. Our experience has been, unfortunately, that some owners don’t give their tenders that chance, and we have to step in and reverse the ravages that Mother Nature has inflicted.

Your Rigid Inflatable Boat should last a long time… we can help make that happen!


What they say about us

I brought my 33 year old 16' Achilles in in pretty rough shape, the tubes were what I thought was faded and a factory floor seam had separated so it was taking on water. Rob did an amazing job not only on the repair, but the restoration of the tube material is nothing short of amazing!
I will definitely be doing business here again as well as highly recommending him to my sailing friends.

Mike S.

A boat owners dream is to find an honest, reliable mechanic. I think I hit the jackpot with A.I. Boats. I've had a 2 year battle with a persistent problem(2 different mechanics) with my Honda outboard. Bert diagnosed and repaired the issue with Honda OEM parts. I'm back on the water with confidence.

Brian R.

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We offer a wide range of RIBs and outboard engines that are perfect for your boating needs. Our online store is designed to make your shopping experience easy and hassle-free. We are committed to providing you with the best products and services at competitive prices. Browse our selection today and find the perfect boat or engine for your next adventure on the water!


Caribe Importer/Distributor

As a distinguished Caribe Importer/Distributor, we're not just about sales – we're about forging meaningful partnerships nationwide. Our mission is to expand Caribe's exceptional offerings to every corner of the country, and we're inviting passionate dealers to join us on this exhilarating journey.

Discover a realm of excellence through our proven "AIB" Repair, Reconditioning, and Re-Tubing program, uniquely tailored to complement every Caribe Sales Franchise. It's not just about selling boats – it's about nurturing a relationship that extends beyond the purchase. Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with our promise of enduring quality.

Remarkable Pre-Owned

Used/Consignment Boats

At AI Boats, we bring you an exceptional selection of pre-owned and consignment boats that redefine your boating experience. Our curated collection showcases meticulously inspected vessels, each with its own unique story. Backed by our commitment to quality, our team ensures that every boat meets our rigorous standards. Whether you're a seasoned boater or a first-time explorer, AI Boats offers a seamless process to help you find the perfect used or consignment boat that aligns with your desires and aspirations on the water.

Retubing service

RIB Retubing… better than new

When you’ll know it’s time

Believe it! You’ll know when it’s time to bite the bullet and give us a call. Doesn’t hold air (and the valves are good). Looks like it’s begging to be put down. Makes you embarassed to see it hanging from your davits. Yes, you’ll know. But once you’ve come to the conclusion that retubing might be a valid option (and it’s generally a good option), picking up the phone and calling us is one of the smartest things you will ever do.

The process

Not only does the process include brand new, top of the line, Hypalon tubes, but also an inch-by-inch detailing of the fiberglass hull, inside and out. That assures the finished job will truly be better than new. The bare hull pictured above is a 2000 Avon 3.6M Sea Sport.

The result

No, that’s not a new dinghy. Better than that! It’s a 2006 AB10VS after undergoing an AI BOATS professional retubing job. What can we say? The results speak for themselves. For all the right reasons, a retubing job from AI BOATS will give you years and years of additional service. And you can rest assured that your “now new” dinghy will truly be better than it was when it was brand new. Take care of it, and it will serve you well for many years to come.



If your RIB doesn’t need to be retubed - perhaps just needs some TLC to bring it back to life again - we can do a thorough reconditioning that will make it look almost like new, inside and out. And if need be, this is the time to make the repairs you’ve been wanting to get done for a long time.


In this day and age, our time is valuable and we all must do our best to stretch out every dollar we can. Many people see a RIB in poor condition and think its life is over and it must be replaced. What makes matters worse is that is how most of our competitors prefer you to think. We like to look at things a bit more realistically. We have developed a process to rejuvenate the Hypalon tubes of your boat. A small repair can make the tubes look like new and get the fiberglass to shine brightly again. Next thing you know, your boat is ready to give you a much longer service life. We believe that a RIB can have a very long life cycle.

Tube Repairs

Short of a complete retubing that can restore your RIB to its “better than new” condition, tube probems might be such that they can be safely repaired. Our repair gurus can do a full inspection and give you an unbiased, honest report on the repair options available. If we can get you out the door safely and quickly with tube repairs that we know will hold up, we know that you will be happy. If tube repairs turn out not to be a safe option, we think you’ll also be happy knowing that we are not afraid to “tell it like it is.”

Hull Repairs

A RIB’s integrity is only as sound as the supporting structure beneath the tubes. A hull failure can render the finest set of hypalon tubes totally useless. Before that happens, bring your hull issues to us so that we can make them right. Peace of mind is important, but the safety of you and your loved ones is even moreso. Bottom line is that at AI Boats we know RIB’s stem to stern (no pun intended), and we’re going to share with you the best way to fix whatever’s wrong with your boat. How you proceed is up to you. How you should proceed is going to come from us.

Engine Repairs

We offer complete mechanical service to most makes of outboards on the market today. We are a Full Line Honda Dealer and also specialize in the servicing and repair of Evinrude, Johnson, Mercury, Nissan, Suzuki, Tohatsu and Yamaha outboards. We’re generally able to get your outboard back to “running right” condition. If it’s not there right now, we’ll be happy to give you a free estimate of what it could cost to get it there.

Engine Rigging

Rigging an engine on a RIB involves a number of factors. In addition to the obvious - size of the boat, size of the engine - balance, weight, and the intended use also need to be considered. Here at AI BOATS we take a look at the complete picture before coming up with a recommended configuration. The larger the RIB and the larger the engine, the more complex the rigging becomes. Don’t trust the job to amateurs. Let AI BOATS guide you to a safe, first rate installation.

Equipment Upgrades

Perhaps when you first got your RIB a console just wasn’t in the plan. Now, bolstered by a couple of years’ experience, it seems like a better idea. But consoles aren’t the only equipment upgrades you might consider. Improved seating, automatic bilge pumps, nav lights - lots of improvements are available to make your boating experience safer and more enjoyable. We can help you choose the options you want (or need) to make that experience come true.

About us

The Reliable Boating Partner

AI Boats, LLC has been actively involved in the marine industry since the early 1970s. We are passionate about our business and strive every day to fulfill all of our customers’ boating needs by providing fast, reliable and professional services. We believe that satisfied customers become our best form of advertisement! Our goal is to make boating worry-free and as much fun as possible by making it easy to enhance your time on the water.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best type of RIB for me?

The best type of RIB for you depends on your boating needs and preferences. We offer a wide range of RIBs that are perfect for different types of boating activities.

What is the best outboard motor for my boat?

The best outboard motor for your boat depends on the size and weight of your boat, as well as your boating needs. We offer a wide range of outboard motors that are perfect for different types of boats.

How do I maintain my RIB?

To maintain your RIB, you should clean it regularly, check the tubes for leaks or damage, and store it properly when not in use.

How do I maintain my outboard motor?

To maintain your outboard motor, you should change the oil and filter regularly, check the spark plugs and fuel filter, and store it properly when not in use.

How do I winterize my RIB?

To winterize your RIB, you should drain all water from the engine and hoses, add fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank, and store it in a dry place.

What safety equipment do I need on my RIB?

You should have life jackets, flares, a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, and an emergency beacon (EPIRB or PLB) on board your RIB.

What is the warranty on your RIBs?

Our RIBs come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship.

How long does it take to service a RIB?

The time it takes to service a RIB depends on the type of service required. We offer fast and reliable service to get you back on the water as soon as possible.

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At AI Boats, our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart from the rest. What truly distinguishes us is our fast response to every customer inquiry, be it through email, phone or text. We understand that your time is valuable, and that's why we believe in building an instant connection by promptly addressing your queries. While many other companies leave you waiting for days or even weeks, if they respond at all, we take pride in our dedication to providing you with swift and meaningful answers. At AI Boats, we're here to underscore our strengths and ensure your experience with us is always exceptional.

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