Rigid Inflatable Tiller Boats

Our line of Flexboat Rigid Inflatable Tiller boats are unique for the following reasons:

  • The Flexboat Mini SR RIB is the smallest, 7’5”, Lightest 73 lbs, and also made with Pennel Orca 828 Hypalon material
  • The Flexboat SR9.5 and SR10 models have tubes made with Pennel Orca 828 hypalon with the option of being ordered with Pennel 866 commercial grade hypalon
  • Every Flexboat tiller RIB model SR12 and larger is made with Pennel Orca 866 commercial grade hypalon (44 oz./1500 denier with a tensile strength of 561 lbs/inch) - the same tube material used by the professionals worldwide is now standard equipment on your personal recreational RIB
  • The SR10, SR12, and SR15 all have enclosed forward-fuel lockers for better weight balance, stability and keeping your decks uncluttered

Click below to see photo's of each model