About Us

In 2006, we started with a passion for boating and a love for RIBs.  After seven years of hard work and a thorough hands on education, we have attained a comprehensive knowledge of the RIB Industry and are ready to take it to the next level. As a local family owned business we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and quality products.

In 2007 two major things happened:

  1. A.I. Boats became a dealer for Flexboat RIBs.  Their advanced design, beautiful finish and fantastic ride was very appealing to ourselves and our customers.  
  2. We began our industry education in repairing, reconditioning and re-tubing almost every brand of Inflatable and Rigid Inflatable Boat in the market place.

This “Education” has been very instrumental in our path forward.  Simply put, we understand how almost all of the RIB’s for sale in the U.S. market are built and we now know how to do it better.

On January 2, 2013 we became the Exclusive Importer/Distributor of Flexboat for the North America and the Caribbean.  All of our Flexboat models are being produced to our specifications. 

To start: All models 12 feet and larger will have their tubes made with Pennel Orca 866 (1500 denier) commercial grade hypalon - the same inflatable tube material used by the US Navy and Coast Guard, and other water professionals worldwide.  Our 6’7" to 10’ models will have their tubes made of Pennel Orca 828 (990 denier) hypalon.  Additionally, all of our RIB models  5 meter (16’5”) and larger will have their fiberglass hulls hand laid up to the standards of a military grade hull.

As a result of these higher standards, our RIB’s will be stronger, last longer, have better fuel efficiency and be safer than any other RIB on the water today.  Additionally, we are also able to help current RIB owners extend the life of their boats thru our Repair, Reconditioning and Re-Tubing Processes.